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Hello! My name is Ruslan. I have a degree in Law and Economics and I have 30 years of experience of managing various businesses in Russia, Switzerland and Spain. And now I am a managing partner in Runiga Group of Companies.
We offer real estate, investment, construction, banking services as well as financial consulting and concierge service. Based in Spain, the company has offices in both Europe and America. Having been working in the Spanish market for over 25 years, we built a team of real professionals, established extensive business contacts and support of reliable partners, well-known lawyers, advocates, and financial experts. We have contacts with all the authorities in Spain and other countries which allows us to ensure you the best bona-fide Family Office services.

What are family office services? And why do more and more wealthy families choose family office services?

In Spain as in any other country, wealthy people have to manage their assets by taking numerous decisions on financial, tax, legal and other important business issues. And responsibility for these decisions can be very high, as one wrong decision may lead to the loss of the entire Estate. To avoid any problems, wealthy Spanish families are turning to family offices that offer tailored end-to-end solutions as a way to provide a better control and ensure professional management of their wealth and handle their affairs. Having a huge experience and expertise in the local market, they help establish your business, make wise investments and take care of all paperwork.
Foreigners investing their money in business and real estate in Spain are not always aware of all the local legislation, economic and business features. Therefore, Family Office services are more popular among foreign investors, who are moving to Spain and planning to develop their business in this country.
Delivering our vast experience and well developed contacts with banks, investment and insurance companies in Spain, we ensure you one of the best and high quality Family Office services in this country. We will offer you the most suitable business options, work out a list of the best franchising companies, development projects and investment funds according to your unique needs. Our team will also help you choose shares of different companies and securities issued by the government and plan your inheritance (including your Estate and business).

We believe that our professionalism and expertise is a key to success for our clients. Our Family Office team are real professionals who are always ready to help you at any time and with any problem to support your family and preserve your wealth. Managing, accumulating and preserving your wealth is our main goal. We value our clients’ trust. We are always on your family’s side and no one else’s.

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