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Administration services

Our administration service include day-to-day accounting, paying bills and taxes, recordkeeping and etc. Runiga Family Office also offers management of personal affairs: house and apartment, yacht, personal plane management, travel and leisure planning, children's education planning and management and etc. Talk to us today if you have any questions on our services. We will be glad to help you!

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Private banking

Private banking includes various financial and non-financial services provided by banks to VIP customers. Choosing Private Banking services of a certain bank, customers very often are limited in number of available options as banks are interested in offering their own products and services offered by other banks may be available at additional cost which is very often very high. Choosing…

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Insurance services

Our family office offers legal consultations on insurance matters. Our experts will help you with complex insurance issues, assess your current insurance package and offer new insurance options.

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Family asset management

This kind of services include investment management, fiduciary services, trust management. We work with various types of securities and other assets (real estate and etc). Our experts will provide you with honest assessment of your current financial affairs, set investment goals, manage trading transactions, take marketing decisions, carry out internal auditing and reporting. The Spanish Government adopted a number of…

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Family budget planning

Family budget planning helps you control your expenses as well as savings. Savings can be spent on current financial goals (buying a horse, yacht, car, travelling, birthday parties and etc) or funded on a long-term goals (funded pension, children's education and others). Runiga Family Office works with leading international insurance and trust companies that offer various fund products and pension…

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Business development

Our specialists provide comprehensive assistance in developing business projects, risk management, legal and tax support, carry out market research, look for potential partners, advise regarding business mergers and acquisitions. We will provide you with an honest assessment of your business and evaluate its effectiveness and efficiency and help you work out options on how to improve it.

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International tax planning, tax optimization

Runiga Family Office specialists advise on local and international tax legislation, provide assistance in preparing tax reports and returns (including your country of residence) and optimise taxes. Tax optimization will help you decrease tax costs connected with the investment law. Even 1% tax cuts will help you save money and significantly increase your family capital.

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Inheritance planning

Managing inheritance is a very important business if you want to secure your family's financial future. It is not only about managing your estate, but you should also take into consideration your shares, securities and other assets. And inheritance planning will ensure you that your assets are structured effectively, avoiding any personal risks. Our specialists will help you structure your…

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Real estate services

We help our customers deal with real estate issues including buying, selling, renting and managing private and commercial real estate. We provide advice on real estate, search for suitable options including luxury non-market real estate and many others.

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