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Download free all the real estate RUNIGA catalogsToday Spain is the favorite place for vacations and living for the most exigent public from all over the world.

Its virgin nature, its fantastic beaches, and highest quality services, make Spain  an outstanding site among all the European coasts.

We layout in our catalogs  a small part of the properties that our company is offering, where you can find from small apartments by the beach to luxury villas. We will be glad to see you in our offices to help you choosing among more than 4000 properties in Spain, after what you will be part of a privileged group of real estate owners in this wonderful coast.

In this link you can choose between all spanish coast catalogs, or all of them totally free.

Welcome to Runiga´s real estate blog

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Welcome to Runiga´s real estate blogFor our friends and clients of English speech WELCOME to new RUNIGA´S blog, here you will find every day updated information of the Spanish real estate market, valuable information to be in the best informative position in what in Spain it refers to real estate.

Also you will be able to find the update of the best offers and products in Spain and other countries. The best network of real estate contacts, best promoters and the most useful information in everything what surrounds the real estate world in Spain. He contacts also with our specialists through the blog, with your doubts, suggestions and answers… you all have your space here to be able to comment or solve any doubt regarding the Spanish real estate market.

London, first destination of the tour of Development to sell the ‘stock

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London, first destination of the tour of Development to sell the 'stockThe Development Ministry has called on developers and banks to evaluate their stocks vacation home to ensure the quality of the product that the government presented at a round international news. London is probably the first leg of the tour.
This was announced by Secretary of State for Housing, Beatriz Corredor, who has acknowledged that “we were not very positive image and probably out of focus, which has focused on a specific case but not the general rule.”
Therefore, Corridor explained, “we support the sector more accountable, that is, if their homes voluntarily submit for prior review.”

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The price of the year with housing starts down 0.3%

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The price of the year with housing starts down 0.3%

  • The price of apartments fell by 4.7% last year.
  • The average value of an apartment of 80m2 is 180,000 euros
  • From the April 2007 peak, prices have dropped 23.6%.

The average value of second hand property in Spain starts the year with a slight drop of 0.3% from the previous month, bringing the average house price in Spain at 2,255 euros per square meter (€ / m2) . For a flat of 80 m2 is a value of 180,400 euros. Is recognized in the report of January 2011 house prices in Spain. In the last year we are seeing a trend toward slowing the decline in prices. Thus, in January 2011 (compared to € 2,366 / m2 January 2010) the fall in prices is 4.7%. Since the housing prices in Spain registered its record high value (which was in April 2007 with a value of 2,952 € / m2) prices fell by 23.6%, ie almost 700 euros per square meter .
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