The price of used housing fell by 0.6% in FebruaryThe average price of second hand property in Spain stands at 2240 euros per square meter (€ / m2), representing a decrease of 0.6% on the price of January.In February, if you look at the evolution of prices in the last twelve months, the cumulative decline is 5.2%, compared to € 2,362 / m2 was recorded in February 2010 .

  • The cumulative drop in the last twelve months is 5.2%
  • In the main Spanish cities falls above the average of Spain.
  • The square meter second-hand housing is at 2,240 euros.

In the main Spanish cities of over 500,000 housing price declines recorded above average in Spain.

Barcelona is the case, where the price of housing in the last month has been devalued by 1.6%, to € 3,990 / m2. In Valencia the monthly fall recorded has been 1.2% and the average price stood at € 2,139 / m2.

For its part, Madrid and Zaragoza have been lowering the price of housing by 1.0% in February, bringing the square meter of housing in € 3,465 / m2 in Madrid and € 2,587 / m2 in Zaragoza.

According to data from February of the 47 capitals of provinces analyzed in Spain, during the last month has seen a decline in price in 68% (32 stocks), price increases in 26 % (12 funds) and there have been no changes in the remaining 6% (3 cities).

Of the 32 provincial capitals where housing prices dropped in February include Toledo, Ourense and Barcelona, being the most they have done with -3.1%, -2.5% and -1.6% respectively.

In the case of the 12 stocks that have seen growing average house price in February include Guadalajara and Palencia, both with growth of 1.1%. While cities have kept their prices unchanged Santander, Zamora, and Cuenca with € 2,867 / m2, 1,831 € / m2 and € 1,844 / m2, respectively.

Toledo, the province where more price drops In February 64% of the 50 provinces analyzed recorded declines in average house price in its monthly variation. Of the provinces that have seen prices fall highlights Toledo, to be where most down to 1.7%.

In 32% of the provinces the price rises in the last month, among which are Tenerife and Cantabria, with increases of 1.4% and 1.3% respectively. While in the remaining 4%, the price remains unchanged. In particular these are the Balearic and Zamora provinces.

Housing price drop in twelve autonomous regions In the analysis of housing prices by atonomous regions The only autonomous region that keeps the price of housing is stable with a
value Baleares of 2,325 € / m2. The rest registered declines ranging from 0.2% of the Comunitat Valenciana, the Autonomous Community where the price of the home less drops to 1.1% of the Community of Madrid, which recorded the biggest drop.

Sold monthly variation shows that Cantabria, Canarias, La Rioja and Murcia are the only communities in which housing price rises in the last month, specifically a 1.3%, 0.8%, 0.5% and 0.3% respectively.