Hello, my name is Maria and I am working in the company Runiga Properties. I am specialized at the social communication, so I am in constant contact with our clients. I speak 6 languages: Spanish, Catalan, Russian, English, French and German. So, this helps me to be open-minded and to help our clients in different spheres and different  services. We have a lot of international clients and I am all the time on phone or I meet with them, I help them, so there is no problem in the mutual understanding.

The service which is the most requiered is the selection of the real estate. So, when  a client comes to our office, we ask him for the characteristics of the flat he would like to acquire, we look for the options and we bring him to some flats, we show them to him and he decides. Then we sign a contract and we help him in the service of post-sales. What is it? It is when we help him with the bank operations, when we find professional lawyers, make documents, permissions of residence, visas. Moreover, we help with some additional services like translations, interpretation, business consulting. It can be also education, for example, we can get an appointment for the university, help with the documents in order to register for something else. Moreover, we work in the sphere of tourism, for example, we have contracts with some companies which provide th rent of yachts, restaurants, bars, clubs, so we can organise a prívate, social or public event like a birthday or something like this. We also organise professional shopping with a special person. As for the sport, it is very common and popular between Spanish people and I am sure that if you come to any sport club you will see children who train hard and also older people who do sport. We would be happy to bring your child to a sport club, to organise a meeting with any sportsman you would like to see.

To sum up, we have a large variety of services to offer to our clients and we would be happy to see you in the offices of our company Runiga Properties.